07/17/12 Although opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic games are just a few weeks away, Plymouth’s Morgan Uceny was in action this past Saturday for the Diamond League Series.

  During the race in Italy, Uceny made her move to the front on the final lap, challenging for the lead. But on the last straight away, Maryam Jamal pulled away to win the race and Morgan fell back, ended up with a 5th place finish with a time of 4:08.22.

While Morgan is preparing for the biggest track meet of her career, on Saturday family, friends and supporters in Plymouth came together to support her and her family.

 Almost 200 people paid the $25 registration fee and took part in the Run-Morgan-Run 5K at Plymouth High School, with the proceeds helping to offset her parents travel expenses. The fundraiser raised more than $3100.

Many supporters signed a good luck banner that Morgan’s family will give to her when they see her in London.

Other fundraising efforts include Yoder’s Sports Center sell TEAM UCNEY T-shirts for $10.  The have sold more the 400 shirts and are still taking orders with pre-payments.  The staff at Beacon Credit Union is selling Morgan’s trademark brightly colored beaded necklaces for $.  Heather King came up with the idea to make the chunky beaded necklaces similar to the ones Morgan has worn since junior high and Beacon donated supplies for the necklaces.   The rubber bracelets that are so popular with young and old are selling for $2 each at the LifePlex and King’s Jewelry.  There are a couple of different styles so far and more than 1200 have been sold.

Photo: Kennedy Schneider sophomore at Plymouth High School was the first to come in and Ali Wright came in second. Ali is also going to be a sophomore at PHS