07/17/12 Diane Fisher, Case Manager for the Heminger House Shelter for Women and Children in Plymouth has a big issue.  The Shelter is reaching capacity. As of Friday evening they had four adults and six children in the shelter and they are expecting to fill more rooms by the end of this week.

Fisher said, “With the amount of people we have in the shelter at this time, comes the need for many items that we are currently running low on.”   A list of some of the items the Heminger House is in need of are: milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh or frozen meat such as chicken, pork, beef and lunch meats, fresh food items, eggs, sugar, and coffee. Non food items are also needed and include: toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, bath towels and wash cloths, cleaning supplies such as disinfectants, floor cleaners and all purpose cleaners.  The Heminger House could also use stamps, office paper and spiral notebooks for journaling.

The Case Manager said, “My appeal comes to you today in hope that you can find it in your heart to donate items from the list to provide a clean, stable and nutritional environment for our little ones and their mothers.”

The Heminger House Shelter for Women and Children would like to thank the community for all of their continued support over the last year. Since opening Heminger house has served 336 women and children. The communities continued support is always welcome.

Please contact Heminger House at 574-936-7233 to arrange pickup or drop off of your donations.