07/16/12 The Triton School Board met on July 9th at 7:00 P.M.  Representatives of the Destination Imagination (DI) team were present to show the board the types of activities they perform at a DI competition.

They preformed a “Minute Challenge” and had to construct a device from paper that would keep marbles from touching the floor when they were dropped.   The students had to all collaborate, problem solve, and evaluate their progress to invent their device and only had five minutes to do it.

These are fabulous 21st Century learning skills that employers are looking for in the work force. These students were at the board meeting to be congratulated on their performance at the global competition in Texas last May. The students placed well at the global competition and were able to meet other students from thirteen countries at the competition.

Destination Imagination teams at Triton have a long history of success under the tutelage of Mr. and Mrs. Eiser, sponsors.  Pictured are DI members: Brittney Goley, Brenden Damron, and Brianna Nolin.”