07/13/12 How much does it cost to attend the 2012 Summer Olympics in London?  It costs at least $10,000 for airfare, hotel and tickets to some of the Track & Field events.

Brenda and Marty Uceny of Plymouth will be traveling to the Olympics in August to watch their daughter, and PHS graduate Morgan compete in the 1500.  Their trip of a lifetime includes nearly $1,400 per person for round trip airfare and $7,000 for a room at the Holiday Inn Express for 12 days.  Hotel cost includes breakfast each day, a tour of London, a cocktail party with fans, a gift bag, and guide assistance.

Tickets to Morgan’s races?  First  round action is $275 per person, second round is $300 per person and the finals are $425 per person.  At this point is more like $12,000 and that doesn’t include the rest of your meals, seeing the sights while you are there, and oh yea, maybe a few souvenirs.

People in Plymouth are so excited that Morgan Uceny has made it to the Olympics that they want to be a part of it so several have stepped up to fundraise for her parents to be there and see their daughter compete.

  Judy Weston at Yoder’s Sports wanted to help the family with the absorbent cost and work with Craig and Nikki Weidner to design a shirt to sell with the proceeds going to the Uceny’s.  The white T-shirts feature TEAM UCENY on the front with American flags and RUNNING FOR GOLD GO MO GO on the back. Cost is $10 and must be pre-paid when you order your shirt.

Brightly beaded necklaces have become a trademark for Morgan when she runs and Heather King has made similar necklaces that are for sale at Beacon Credit on Oak Drive.  The necklaces are $5 each and proceeds will go towards the Uceny’s travel expenses.

  Those popular rubber bracelets are also available and support our Olympian.  The ones at the LifePlex are white with pink letters and say Run Morgan Run and cost just $2.

  King’s Jewelry in downtown also have rubber bracelets that are red with blue writing and say Go Mo Go.  Nancy King said the middle of next week they will also have GO MO GO Magnabilities inserts $4.00 each specially designed with the Olympic circles, Go Mo Go and 2012.