07/12/12  On Saturday, July 7th at 7:16a.m. the Marshall County Police Department received a call in reference to a burglary that had occurred during the overnight hours in the Culver area.

Upon arriving in the area it was found that several buildings in the area of Sycamore Road and 17th Road, property owned by Culver Military Academy had been unlawfully entered between Friday, July 6th at 4:00pm and Saturday July 7th at 7:00am.  Several items were taken from the buildings including numerous tools including Echo and Stihl power tools used by the grounds keeping employees.   Several of the buildings were forced open to gain entry and items inside of at least one of the buildings were also found damaged.  It is also believed an unknown vehicle was used in the commission of the crime.

Then in the morning hours of Tuesday, July 9th Marshall County Police received another call from Culver Military Academy stating that an unknown person entered the Culver Military Boat Shop and removed several DeWalt brand tools, a car jumper pack, a Wagoner power sprayer and various hand tools in a black tool bag.

Anyone with information regarding these thefts is asked to contact the Marshall County Police Department at 574-936-3187.

Nichole Kaylor Correspondent