07/05/12 Marshall County commissioners will be seeking input from the public on July 16 at 10 a.m., as they consider the issue of allowing golf carts access on county roads. An ordinance to allow golf carts on certain county roads around lakes was passed on first reading in a June meeting, but commissioners later asked County Attorney Jim Clevenger to revise the ordinance to allow access on all county roads.

During their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, county commissioners again discussed the proposed ordinance, and Clevenger advised of two possible issues that may come up with formal approval of the measure.

“I was advised by Mike Miley (of Gibson Insurance) that a golf cart on a public roadway is not typically covered by homeowner’s insurance,” said Clevenger.

The ordinance commissioners are considering requires golf carts to be insured, but does not require a registration with the county. Therefore, Clevenger expressed concern that there might not be a way to regulate whether or not the golf carts are covered by insurance.

“Without a registration process, it will be difficult to make sure that (the golf carts) are insured,” said Clevenger.

Golf cart owners may have to ask for specific coverage of their carts from their homeowner’s insurance provider, said Clevenger, and commissioners would have to rely on the owners’ word that they had done so.

Another concern, brought up to Clevenger by Sheriff Tom Chamberlin, is that golf cart owners would drive on county roads during the winter while snow is on the ground, causing a hazard for themselves and other motorists. These issues and any others will be discussed further at the public hearing July 16, in Room 203 of the Marshall County Building, 112 W. Jefferson St. in Plymouth.


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