07/05/12 Plymouth High School will welcome art teacher Haley Church for the 2012-2013 school year. Church spent the past school year teaching art at the elementary level between Menominee and Washington Elementary Schools.

  Menominee Principal Michael Dunn was particularly pleased to have Church in his school last year. Dunn said, “Haley really developed the art skills of our students. She had them producing work that was truly art.” He added, “She worked hard to make connections with her students as well as the other teachers.” To her credit, the work of her fourth-grade students was published in local media after they completed replicas of Master’s works that combined art collaboration projects with teaching to the state standards in history.

  Church said, “I love teaching at all ages. Each brings a different light to art.” Referring to changing schools, she said, “I’m sad to leave the elementary schools, but excited to move at the same time.”

  This summer she has divided her time between teaching art at a summer camp and working on her own art projects. Church said, “All of it keeps you fresh and your skills honed.”

   Two of church’s favorite mediums are painting and ceramics, both of which are a part of the high school curriculum. She said, “The high school schedule, 70-minute class periods and tri-mesters will allow students to move into more depth art projects.” At the high school level, students can take introduction to art classes and then move on to more advanced courses.

Church graduated from Angola High School and then went on to Indiana Wesleyan University majoring in Art Education.

Carol Anders Correspondent