06/29/12   In 2002 the City of Plymouth adopted it present Urban Forestry Committee ordinance.  The intended roll of the committee was to serve in an advisory capacity regarding the City’s tree population.

Monday night Mayor Mark Senter presented on first reading an amendment to the ordinance pertaining to the committee’s mission, structure and organization.  Most importantly, the mission of the committee will be expanded to include flowers and thus, a new name, the Urban Forestry and Flower Committee.  The use of flowers throughout the city is a key part of the administration’s overall goals of beautification, environmental and lifestyle enhancement for all of Plymouth’s citizens.

Other changes to the ordinance include setting the committee’s membership at a maximum of 9 and requiring at least 2 meeting annually.  Members must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the city or own property in city and have a Plymouth mailing address.  The make-up of the committee will include the street superintendent, park superintendent and the city arboriculturalist with the remaining 6 members being appointed. The Mayor will appoint 4 and the Common Council will have 2 appointments.  Each committee member shall serve for 2 years.

Mayor Senter noted that several of the city’s tree ordinances will be reviewed and amended by recommendation of the committee over the next several months.

Council members are expected to pass the ordinance amendment on 2nd and 3rd readings during their July meeting.