06/26/12 Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved a couple of change orders for the South Gateway project in TIF District #2.  Change order #2 was for the removal of trees and stumps along the riverbank on the north side of the former Cook/Dimmitt building and installation of erosion control mats to keep the soil in place.  The amount of the change order was $13,482.19.

An additional changer order, number 3 was also approved for the installation of new electric poles on the south side of Lake Street, resizing conduit, receptacles at the top of the poles and a cabinet for the electric.    The change order was in the amount of $10,375.59 although it does quality for the 80/20 split.

  Also in TIF #2 was an update on River Park Square.  A stakeholders meeting will be conducted on July 12th at 5:30 during the Downtown Revitalization meeting at the school administration building.   City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that the three property owners; on Garro Street, Water Street and LaPorte Street will be on hand.  He said the city and property owners are close on a price but no offer can be made until the funds are available after they become available through the bond issue.

Geo-technical borings are ready to being and preliminary the sale of the bonds for phase one of the park are scheduled for July 10th.