06/21/12 Marshall County Planning Director, Ralph Booker and Argos Town Clerk Patty Jones appeared before the Commissioners Monday morning   with a request.

Jones, representing the Argos Town Board was requesting an inter-local agreement with the county to have the county handle building permits within the town.  She said, “When I have an issue with a building permit, I call Ralph.”  She continued, “I’m not a professional on zoning requirements.”

The Argos Town Council agreed at their last meeting to look at the steps needed to get an agreement with the county.  The proposal would have all fees for the building permits going to the county and the $50 building commissioner inspection fee being waived for Argos.

Ralph Booker said, “We would do building permits using Argos standards and handle the permits and inspections.”

No seeking any action, the dual said they presented the concept for consideration to see if they should continue to pursue an inter-local agreement in the future.

The Marshall County Commissioner also conducted a public hearing on amending some 2-mile zoning jurisdiction lines that bisect a parcel of land near Argos, Bourbon and Plymouth.

Judy Stone who has property affected by the proposed changes said she had not been notified of the changes from the city or county, from the plan commission meetings or about the public hearing on Monday.  Her agricultural land will move into the city’s 2-mile jurisdiction and she had concerns of not being able to continue enjoying her property as she has with livestock.

She was told she would be grandfathered in and would be allowed to continue using the ground as she has been the last several years.

Speaking in favor of the changes were Ellen Hummel and James Scoby.  Both felt using King Road as a dividing line was appropriate.

Commissioner Jack Roose said, “It does clean up a lot of things.  I can’t imagine having parcels separated in the two zoning jurisdictions.”

The rules were suspended and the ordinance was passed on all three readings.