06/19/12 Marshall County Police officers issued a total of 40 seat belt citation during the state’s annual Click It or Ticket mobilization, conducted May 18th through June 3rd.

In all, the agency issued a total of 109 citations for traffic related offenses such as speeding and license violation.  The breakdown of arrests made and citations issued during the 2012 Click It or Ticket effort were: 40 seat belt citations, 25 speeding citations, 4 license violation citations, 6 other traffic offense citations, 3 DUI related arrests, 7 criminal misdemeanor arrests and 24 warning for other traffic offenses.

“Click It or Ticket” is an annual enforcement effort supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  In Indiana more than 260 state and local law enforcement agencies participate in the mobilization, through grants administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s Traffic Safety Division.