06/07/12 During the early morning hours of Tuesday a County Police Officer who was transporting a prisoner to the Marshall County Jail came across a vehicle he suspected was driving impaired.  When the deputy turned on his lights for a traffic stop the vehicle disregarded and kept driving.  He radioed in and Plymouth officers took over.

About 2:20 a.m. Plymouth Officer Jordan Rans located the suspect vehicle traveling southbound on Randolph Street from Plymouth-Goshen Trail.  He attempted to stop the vehicle but it continued southward and eventually crashed on Randolph Street south of Baker Street in front of the Plymouth High School.

The driver, 25 year old Aaron M. Myers of Bourbon was apprehended.  During the investigation officers believed Mr. Myers was under the influence of alcohol.  He was arrested and lodged in the Marshall County Jail for Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated and Resisting Law Enforcement with a vehicle.

Aaron Myers’ bond was set at $1,500 and he is scheduled to appear in Marshall County Superior Court I on June 19th.