06/05/12 Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners approved the request of Assessor Debbie Dunning to give an employee five days of unpaid leave.  Dunning explained that the employee has been taking care of a sister with a terminal illness on FMLA leave since January 24th.  She has also used all her vacation time, sick days, and comp time.  Her FMLA leave ends on June 11th and the employee is seeking a few days because her daughter is getting married.

The Commissioners approved on all three readings an ordinance amending the County’s personnel policy as it relates to nepotism.  The Indiana Legislation enacted legislation prohibiting elected officers and other governmental employees from having a direct line of supervision over a relative.  The new state law requires governmental agencies to have a police in place by July 1st.  The County Council is expected to approve the amendment on three readings at their meeting next Monday.

In other business the Commissioners appointed Jim Faulkner as a Democrat to the Culver Plan Commission replacing Robbie Ruhnow.  They also appointed Trent Bennett to the County Board of Zoning Appeals to replace Bob Flora who recently passes away.

When approving the claims, Commissioner Jack Roose motion to pay all claims except invoices for Hoffman Brothers and Napa for vehicle repairs in the Sheriff’s Department.  Apparently a non-county employee picked-up, used the county’s tax exempt number and signed for 13 different invoices from the auto parts store for repairs to vehicles in the Sheriff’s Department.

An ordinance approved in 1998 spelled out who was to act as purchasing agents for the county.  County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the ordinance requires only certain people to purchase on behalf of the county.

County Auditor Penny Lukenbill said her office looks at who signs and if they are not approved the Commissioners must follow the law and deny the claim.

After some discussion Commissioner Greg Compton motion to pay the Hoffman Brothers and Napa invoices when the Sheriff approves and signs the various invoices.