06/05/12 Country Auto Center in Plymouth had its Second Annual Drawing and CAR GIVEAWAY for local High School Seniors who earned A’s on their report cards during the year.

Joe and Jennifer Martin of Country Auto, are happy that the program is expanding and had a 50% increase in participation by the seniors this year. They looked for a way to motivate students to work hard and show that Good Grades are rewarded. Joe stated that there are more scholarships awarded and available for students with higher GPA’s vs. athletics.


Jennifer stated that employers also look at prospective employees, if they have worked hard in the classroom, they will be dependable good workers at their future jobs and careers.


How the program works, High School Seniors bring in their report cards to Country Auto and the student receives one entry for each A that is on the report card, so a student can have multiple entries. All the entries go into a drum for a random draw.

  Last year a senior from Argos High School, Duane Spencer was the winner. This year our winner was Joe Krsek from Culver Community High.  Joe was presented with his 2008 Chevy Aveo at graduation practice on June 1st.  In front of his classmates, Mr. Hanselman, principle of Culver H.S. and Joe Martin, Jr. made the announcement and presentation to Joe Krsek.

Joe’s parents were in attendance also, but did not know their son was the winner. They were told that there was “something good going to happen to Joe” and they should be at the school.

Joe is attending Purdue this fall and plans to major in Aerospace Engineering, he stated that he had forgot about the contest and Mr. Hanselman reminded him to go and turn in his grades. Joe turned them in the day before the deadline for the drawing. Mr. and Mrs. Martin say, “Congratulations to Joe and all seniors of 2013.”   They encourage next year’s seniors to study hard next year.