06/04/12 Even though we had a little rain this week we are still about 4” below the normal rainfall to date.

Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller said, “In these dry conditions fires can ignite and spread very quickly.  Know if a burn ban restriction affects your area, and always use caution when handling anything that produces heat or could produce a spark, especially fireworks.”

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, many portions of northern and southwest Indiana are experiencing abnormally dry conditions.  A this time there are no burn bans in effect for our area.

Fire Safety Tips for Fireworks

  • Store fireworks in a cool dry area.
  • When using fireworks, always have a fire extinguisher, water supply, hose, or bucket of water nearby.
  • Be cautious when lighting fireworks when it is windy, and absolutely NO CHILDREN near the fire works!!!
  • If a burn ban is in effect for your area, call your local fire department to inquire about what activities are included in the restriction. In some areas, a burn ban may restrict the use of fireworks, campfires.
  • If fireworks do ignite a fire, contact 911 immediately. Do not attempt to extinguish a large fire by yourself.

Fire Safety Tips for Vehicles

Never park your vehicle on dry grass or leaves.

Avoid driving through tall grass.

Fire Safety Tips for Tobacco Products

Never throw a lighted cigarette out the window of a vehicle.

Never walk off and leave a burning cigarette.

Use ash trays.

Chief Miller closed by saying, “Remember, if you start a fire, or set off fireworks that get out of control, you are responsible for any damages beyond your property.”