06/01/12 Thursday, Joe Donnelly’s U.S. Senate campaign announced the start of “Republicans for Donnelly,” a group of former Senator Lugar supporters who will now support Joe based on his bipartisan, common-sense approach to public service.

“I’m honored to receive the support of Hoosiers from all parties in our effort to bring together people from across the state who are tired of the gridlock in Washington and want a bipartisan U.S. Senator who will get things done for middle class families,” said Donnelly.  “I hope this group will allow those who supported Sen. Lugar’s common-sense approach to get to know me, my policies, and my willingness to reach across the aisle for the betterment of Indiana.  There is a clear choice in this race: a willingness to reach across party lines to get things done for our families vs. support for more partisan bickering.  I pledge to put my country before my party and work with anyone and everyone to get things done for Hoosiers.”

Anne Emison Wishard of Indianapolis said, “My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all involved in Indiana Republican politics.  I was raised with political theory at the dinner table.  My main memory of all these lessons was that political discourse at all times should remain reasonable and civil.  Unfortunately, the Republican nominee for the United States Senate did not learn that same lesson.  For that and many other reasons, I am supporting Joe Donnelly for Senator.”

Bob Weaver of Rochester said, “I feel great to have Joe as my representative and support his U.S. Senate campaign because he votes for what is right.  Too many people think compromise is a sign of weakness, but it is not.  I think it is a sign of good leadership.”

Anne Phelan of Indianapolis said, “I’m supporting Joe Donnelly because the most successful people I know understand the art of listening and the wisdom and art of compromise.  Compromise does not denote lack of commitment or lack of passion for one’s point of view.  On the contrary, compromise is based on the knowledge that equally intelligent individuals who share the same core values can arrive at different conclusions.  It’s based on the knowledge that the best ideas, innovations, and solutions come from a collaboration of distinct viewpoints.  It’s based on the knowledge that America is strong because it was founded on respect for people’s differences, whether those differences are cultural, religious, or political.  And, finally, it’s based on a sense of fairness that is the core of democracy.  We teach our children to resolve conflicts by listening to others’ needs and views in order to expand their own understanding and find a common middle ground.  Why would we demand less from our political representatives?  And if we do demand less, what are we teaching our children?”

Announcing the start of this group were charter members Anne Emison Wishard from Indianapolis, Bob Weaver from Rochester, Anne Phelan from Indianapolis, John Oliver from Plymouth, Kevin Kelly from Granger, and Julian Smith from Hope.  Interested Republicans, Independents, and any other former Senator Lugar supporters are invited to sign up to be a part of this group and to receive more information at www.joeforindiana.com/republicans.