05/30/12 The Marshall County Church Orchestra will hold a carport sale on Saturday, June 2 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and Miller’s Senior Living Community, located at 625 Oakhill Ave. has once again graciously offered the use of their car port for this fundraiser. The carper is located on the east side of the facility.   The orchestra is an all volunteer organization and the proceeds of the sale will help with orchestra expenses such as sheet music and music books.

“Our biggest expense,” explained director Don Harness, “is purchasing music.  We do try our best to purchase music from internet sites and at music stores during sales; but, music is costly.”

The orchestra has held other fundraisers such as their annual beef and noodle dinner in the spring and they also sell concessions during their summer Concert In The Park” series.  The group has banded together (pun intended) and they are now collecting items for the sale.

There are two ways the orchestra can make money during this sale.  Anyone interested in renting a table space for ten dollars may do so. The orchestra collects the ten dollars while the person renting the space collects all other monies.  If you are not interested in renting a table but you do have items you’d like to donate to the orchestra you may do so.  If you don’t want to do either; you may come out to Miller’s on the June 2nd and shop at the carport sale.

Interesting items that have been collected for sale so far are hardback books, collectibles, furniture, knick- knacks, Christmas ornaments, cook wear, cameras, stuffed toys, games, vases, baskets, wall hanging, and much, much more.  To rent a table or to donate items please call Cindy at 574-952-3661 or Annette at 574-220-8039.

Photo:  MCCO member Annette Ray picks up items for the orchestra carport from Miller’s Senior Living Community.