05/30/12 The Argos Town Council recently received a letter from Strang and Associates for the sanitary sewer problem at the Marshall County Discount Center.  While remodeling the former Argos Lumber property, it was discovered that the building‘s septic system had failed.  The current bathroom was dumping into the storm sewer system.

The letter requested additional time, till June 2013 to take care of the problem.  The town ordinance states that there is a 90 day time limit after notification of a problem to solve the problem.  The Town Council directed Derek Jones, town attorney, to have them close the bathroom and use Porta John temporally until it could be determined how the remodeled facility could be hooked into the proper sewer line.

In other business, Donna Burroughs turned in her letter of resignation as the Democrat board member for the Maple Grove Cemetery.  If there is an Argos resident, who is a Democrat, who would like to be on the Cemetery Board please send a letter to the Argos Town Clerk.

Teressa Welborn Correspondent