05/29/12 The City of Plymouth will conduct their regular meetings today, May 29th beginning at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

The agenda for the Board of Public Works and Safety include awarding the fuel supply bids and the bids for the Pine Water Treatment Project.

Department heads will give their reports including Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson who will update to board on the Ledyard Water Plant Media Replacement Project including submission of change-order #1.  Davidson will also seek approval to advertise for the Headwork’s Influent Control Project.

Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds will seek permission to board up 321 North Walnut Street.  Also on the agenda are Fire Chief Rod Miller, Police Chief Jim Cox, and Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt.

City Engineer Rick Gaul is seeking release of retainage from the 2011 Street Projects while City Attorney Sean Surrisi will present the NIPSCO Price Protection Service Agreement and an addendum to the DC Tech Lease Agreement which will allow for wireless internet in Centennial Park.

In other business the Board of Public Works and Safety will discuss the drainage issue in the area of 1021 Miner Street.  A month ago Cyndi Bumpus and her neighbors came to the board with some issues since the city has worked on the drainage.  The swale created is too deep making it difficult to mow.  The steepness has made it difficult to place trash and recycling totes at the curb.

The Common Council meeting begins at 6:30 or immediately after the Board of Public Works and Safety.

City Council members will consider on 2nd and 3rd reading an ordinance creating a fund for the “River Park Square” project and the 200 South Michigan Street Settlement fund.

In other business they are expected to approve additional CF-1 forms for business that have Tax Abatements within the city of Plymouth.

Two resolutions are being presented, the first is fiscal plan for providing municipal services of a capital and non-capital nature in support of annexation of approximately .22 acres immediately adjacent to the eastern corporate boundary and contained entirely with the roadway of Richter Road north of Baker Street.  The second resolution is the declaration of certain real estate to be within an Economic Revitalization Area for the purpose of tax abatement for Alick Home Medical’s new store across from the hospital on State Road 17.