05/23/12 During the Commissioner’s meeting Monday Al McVey offered his opinion of their lowering of the American Flag to half mast.  McVey explained that he teaches classes of flag etiquette, standards, and regulations to the Boy Scouts.

About three weeks ago the Commissioners lowered the flags at the Court House and County Building to honor former Commissioner Don Ferguson who was killed in an automobile accident.

McVey, upset by their lowering of the flag and contacted Commissioners Kevin Overmyer and Jack Roose without much satisfaction.  He did admit at the meeting Monday that they do have the right to take the flag to half staff but said they needed to meet federal guidelines.

     McVey explained, “Just saying that you are honoring a public servant ‘opens a can of worms’ asking who is a public servant, a teacher, postal worker, secretary who works for the county?”  He said, “You need to define public servant and you need to take a lot of thought and consideration in doing so.”  His suggestion was to create a document with guidelines and a definition spelling out what a public servant is that could be honored with a flag lowering.   He concluded his time with the commissioners by saying, “As an old military person, thank you for allowing me to put my 2 cents in.  If you need any assistance I am willing to help.”