5/15/12  On Saturday, May 12th at approximately 8:00pm, Officer Jordan Rans of the Plymouth Police Department initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Water and Garro Streets. The driver, identified as German O. Turcios-Talavera 27, of Plymouth was found to be operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license. Further investigation led to the arrest of Turcios-Talavera for operating a vehicle after a lifetime suspension, a Class C felony, operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license, a Class C misdemeanor, and false informing, a class A misdemeanor . Talavera was transported to the Marshall County Jail where he was given a $2500.00 cash bond. A probable cause was read on May 13that 11:45am, and a court date is scheduled for June 5th at 8:30am in Marshall County Superior Court #1.