05/14/12 Last Sunday morning a Marshall County man and his wife found something unusual in their mail box, jar of liquid.  Because Ralph Scutchfield’s wife is a postal worker they knew they should report it, but headed toward church first.  On the way to church they got to thinking it might be a bottle bomb and decided to return home and investigate it.

The Sutchfields called the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and asked for an officer to come and check out their findings.  The officer found the jar and determined the liquid was urine.  He emptied the jar at the scene and no report was made of the incident.

Last week on Monday, WNDU did a news story titled, “Man finds possible ‘bottle bomb’ in Mailbox”….they even included video of a bottle bomb exploding.

According to Sheriff Tom Chamberlin the jar contained urine and there was never the suspicion that it was a bottle bomb.  The Sheriff did confirm that it is a federal crime to tamper with a mailbox and anyone doing so could face time in prison and or a fine if they were convicted.