05/10/12 At the conclusion of this week’s Marshall County Commissioner’s meeting, board President, Kevin Overmyer made a recommendation for the 2013 budget.  After hearing from the directors of the several agencies who receive funding from the County, Overmyer suggested an increase in funding.

Overmyer said, although it was a lengthy process, he felt it was very informational, “a good learning process.”  He said, “A lot of them (the agencies) are at the same that they’ve been over the years.”  He continued by explaining that the Bowen Center, a provider of mental health services in the county, by state statue receives an increase in funding each year. Kevin said he liked learning how they work together to stretch their dollars.

Some of the agencies receiving annual funding include the 4-H Fair, Boys & Girls Clubs in Plymouth, Bremen and Culver, Marshall Starke Development Center, Older Adult Services, and the Humane Society.

In other business the Commissioner approved a liability release for County citizens interested in obtaining top soil left over from the Pioneer Road project.   There is a substantial amount excess soil sitting out front of the County Jail. The commissioner have already allowed governmental agencies in the county to take advantage of the soil, and several have including the Plymouth Park Department, PHS Building Trades program, and Town of Argos.

County citizens are being allowed to haul away soil during the month of May.  A county employee will be on site on Wednesdays from 8 until 2 and Saturdays from 8 until 1 with a loader and will fill your truck after a release has been completed.  At the end of the month the Commissioners will evaluate the amount of soil left and the number of citizens taking advantage of the soil to determine if they will continue with the free offer.

To pick up dirt citizens must have a valid driver’s license and proof of Marshall County residency.