05/09/12 Plymouth firefighters responded to Maax, the former Aker Plastics at 1001 North Oak Drive Tuesday afternoon about 4:30 for a fire in the chop room.  When firefighters responded they found smoke and fire in the room with one of the three tables a blaze.

  Because of the potential for a major fire due to flammable chemicals used in the process mutual aid was immediately called for from Bremen and LaPaz.

  Plymouth Fire Investigator John Pasley said the fire started in an electrical receptacle on one of the tables used in a heating process.  Apparently the switch malfunctioned and the GFI outlet did not pop.

  Although the majority of the building is sprinkled, the chop room was not, but with the quick action of Plymouth firefighters the blaze was under control in about 20 minutes.

  Pasley said the fire was in a larger area and employees were able to move the flammable chemicals and combustible material out of the area preventing a much larger fire.

   No injuries were reported, and the fire has been determined to be accidental.  Damage to material and equipment was estimated to be approximately $3,000 and the building sustained no damage.