05/08/12 During the Marshall County Commissioner’s meeting Monday, County Attorney Jim Clevenger took time to remember former Commissioner Don Ferguson who was killed in a car crash April 29th on US 30 and Cedar Road.

Clevenger said, “I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Don Ferguson.”  He then proceeded to talk about Don’s two terms starting in the mid 1990’s.  Don was president when Clevenger was selected as the County Attorney.

Don was president of the Board for most of the time he was a Commissioner.  Clevenger said, “He was more than President, he was the steadying influence.  He had common sense.  He pretty much always let people know where he stood but no one could be upset with him as even if they did not agree with him, they knew why he made the decision he did and knew it was what he truly thought was right.”

Clevenger continued with his tribute noting that Don was a trusted steward of taxpayer’s funds.  He explained, “Don would require elected officials and department heads to justify proposed expenses.  Often he wanted to know if the elected official or department head would still go forward with the proposed expenditure if he or she had to make the same expenditure with their own money.” Clevenger explained that if there was any hesitation about the purchase, he would put it on hold. He continued, “That philosophy has been in place in Marshall County for a long time and I think it continues as an accepted practice by all county officials today.”

The County Attorney noted the significant county projects Don was involved in including the completion of Overmyer Drive, the transition of Shady Rest to the Bowen Center, and the initial planning for the new correctional facility.

Clevenger closed his comments by saying, “Don was a nice guy.  He always greeted me with a smile, I think he pretty much greeted everyone with a smile.  In Don’s sudden passing, we have lost our friend with that big smile and a public servant that left a positive mark on our county.”