05/02/12 The Argos High School National Honor Society inducted 24 new members on Wednesday, April 18th.  Membership is based on Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Applications from students who have at least a GPA of 3.0 or above are reviewed by faculty members who then recommend nominees. Applications include school organizations they have participated in, class of organization offices they have held, community service outside the school, work experience, awards and honors they have received.

After all applications are tallied, the National Honor Society faculty council plus the principal and Sonia Williams, the NHS Sponsor meet and decide who will earn this privilege.

Pictured are the new inductees:
Top row left to right: Ryan Moorefield, Seth Michel, Luke Kepler, Henry Harrell, Ben Carter, Harrison Partin, Amanda Middleton, Charlie Horn
Middle row left to right:  Alyssa Smith, Briana Overmyer, Shelby Sanders, Layla Milton, Elizabeth Hack, Athena Blevins, Jennifer Sullivan
Bottom row left to right:  Kirsten Ringner, Sabrina Brown, Ashley Allen, Lindsey Snider, Kaitlin Howard, Heather Senetz, Danielle Fishburn

Two additional students were inducted but not in the photo: Libby Moyer and Emilie Rospopo.