04/30/12 Providing a support base for the Plymouth Community Schools far into the future will be the task of a newly forming group.

The Plymouth Education Foundation will be a not for profit fundraising organization committed to support the programs of the Plymouth Community School Corporation in order to provide opportunities that enhance student learning and achievement, promote social and emotional development of  students, and contribute to a strong community through a belief that education is a key.

“Colleges have had foundations for years to support capital projects, scholarships and other programs,” said Rusty Nixon Executive Director of the new foundation. “A lot of communities around the state have set up foundations for their school corporations for a similar purpose. We’re trying to be in that forward thinking group of communities by undertaking this innovative way to ensure that the basis of a Plymouth education will continue to be funded far into the future.”

Working closely with the Marshall County Community Foundation the Plymouth Education Foundation will commit to create and develop programs and support roles by developing business and community partnerships to support the Plymouth Community School Corporation and raising money to fund grants, scholarships and endowments.

“There is no question that we live in challenging economic times where the funding landscape for schools changes nearly everyday,” said Nixon. “By thinking in fresh ways and meeting those challenges head on it’s our hope that we can lay the groundwork to be sure that kids in Plymouth will continue to get the same well rounded education they always have.

“The survival of our community is tied to how we prepare our kids to meet the challenges they will face in the work place. I’ve lived in Plymouth all my life and one thing that this community does better than almost any other is bond together to provide assets for our kids and their future. We want to be a part of that and make sure it continues for a long time.”

The Foundation will host it’s first fundraising event on May 18, a banquet and auction at the Plymouth Country Club. All proceeds will be placed in the groups fund established with the Marshall County Community Foundation to be used as matching funds for a grant.

“We have an opportunity to take advantage of a great grant opportunity but there is a deadline and it means we have a little pressure to work fast to find matching funds,” said Nixon. “Once again it shows what kind of a community we live in since we already have some really wonderful items contributed to auction off.”

Tickets for the event are $35 and include dinner. Space is limited and seats can be reserved online at http://plymoutheducationfoundation.blogspot.com/ by calling 574-952-4444 or by emailing plymoutheducationfoundation@gmail.com.