04/25/12 It was a busy day at the Plymouth Fire Department on Monday.  There were a total of 13 calls including fire and or EMS.

      Early in the afternoon firefighters were called to the alley behind 417 South Michigan Street, the parsonage for the Trinity United Methodist Church for a gas leak.  A contractor working on an addition to the garage hit an old service gas line.

The minor leak didn’t require any evacuations although Plymouth Fire and EMS were on the scene for nearly 3 hours waiting for NIPSCO to fix the leak.

  Just after 9 p.m. firefighters were dispatched to 16273 Lincoln Highway West for a barn that was totally engulfed.  Fire Chief Rod Miller explained that the barn was an old structure and the dry weather caused the blaze to quickly spread.

   Firefighters from Plymouth and Polk Township were on the scene for nearly three hours.

    Cause of the blaze was undetermined.  The property is owned by Loren Nifong.