04/24/12 We the People Of Marshall and Fulton Counties will meet at 7 p.m. in the Plymouth Public Library on Tuesday, April 24th. Agenda for the meeting tentatively includes: Dan Sullivan a retired Secret Service members on the Presidential detail.  2nd Congressional candidates on the Republic ticket, Francis Ellert and Tim Harman are on the agenda as well as a review of the We the People mission.

The United States Credit rating was downgraded again on April 8th …this is the second time… and it is now at AA.  The group will discuss the impact of another down grade as will as the occupy groups intend on violence and infiltration of the TEA Parties.

The agenda for Tuesday’s We the People of Marshall and Fulton Counties notes the second billboard is just about ready.  Also on the agenda, Book of the Month, Prayer Groups, and support your local sheriff.   They will also discuss support Joe the Plumber with a plan to annoy Obama.

The next meeting of We the People of Marshall and Fulton Counties will be on Tuesday, May 29th at 7pm in the Plymouth Public Library.