04/20/12  Indiana Right to Life PAC Thursday announced a second endorsement in the race for House District 17 by granting an endorsement for candidate Tim Harman.  Today’s endorsement means that both Francis Ellert and Tim Harman carry the Indiana Right to Life PAC endorsement due to both candidates sharing support for pro-life legislation.

Harman’s endorsement was delayed due to an error in the mailing address provided to Indiana Right to Life by the Indiana Secretary of State’s office.  The error resulted in Harman never receiving the original survey, which has since been provided by Indiana Right to Life after learning of the mailing address issue.

“We are pleased that the voters of District 17 have two quality pro-life candidates to choose from in the primary,” states Indiana Right to Life PAC chairman Mike Fichter. “We encourage voters in the Republican primary to give both of these candidates their full consideration on election day.”