4/18/12 The twenty-sixth Annual Academic Excellence Recognition Dinner for the top five percent in academic standing of this year’s Plymouth High School graduating class was held on April 16.The event, sponsored U.S. Granules, recognizes not only the top students, but teachers or others that have been influential or inspirational in their lives.

Presenting the students were Jim Condon, PHS principal, and Daniel Tyree, superintendent of Plymouth Schools. Representing U.S. Granules was Nick Chaney.

Providing entertainment for the event was the Plymouth Youth Orchestra under the direction of Gabriele Hill.

Chaney, who is a PHS graduate, said, “You have a foundation to build upon. It will help you succeed in a very competitive world.”

Condon said the annual event is one of the proudest moments of the year.

Grace Anders, daughter of Curtis and Katherine Anders, plans to study atBeloitCollegeand major in creative writing. She chose PHS English teacher Kyle Coffman as her most influential teacher. Anders said, “Students appreciate teachers who can be real with them.” She thanked Coffman for encouraging her to submit her original poems for competition. She said, “Mr. Coffman has taught me when it is acceptable to bend and when it is not.”

 Brandon Baird will be heading toIndianaUniversity, but as yet has not decided on a major. He chose PHS art teacher Ashley Boardman to honor. Baird is the son of Brian and Laura Baird. Speaking of Boardman, Baird said, “She gave me freedom. She gives me what I need to do my best.” He explained that Boardman’s encouragement led him to using oils to paint a self-portrait that won both state and national awards.

Danielle Becktel, daughter of Angela Becktel and David Becktel, will be attending eitherButlerUniversityorNotre DameUniversityto pursue biology/pre-med. She honored PHS social studies teacher Allison Hargrove. Becktel described Hargrove as a mentor and a role model. She said, “She (Hargrove) has qualities I wish to mirror one day.”

Rebecca Brumbaugh, daughter of Philip and Cathy Brumbaugh, chose PHS speech and theatre teacher Charlotte Tyree to honor. She will be heading toIndianaUniversityin the fall to study social studies education. She praised Tyree for being supportive. She said, “I have treasured every moment with her.” She added, “Mrs. Tyree was always there with a remedy and a solution.”

Kelly Bryant is consideringIndianaUniversity,PurdueUniversityorButlerUniversityto continue her education. She plans to pursue both psychology and social work. Earl Boyer, PHS math teacher, was named as her most inspirational teacher. She is the daughter of Alicia Bryant. Bryant said Boyer is dedicated to math and his students. She explained that he produces videos to teach skills and always incorporates humor into them. She added, “He will stay as long as any student needs him.”

Lindsey Downs, daughter of Lester and Patricia Downs, has chosen to continue her education atButlerUniversity. She honored English Amy Schmeltz of PHS. She has not yet named a major area of study.Downsshared her appreciation for the guidance that Schmeltz has given her as they worked on yearbooks. She said, “Mrs. Schmeltz has big dreams and she transfers her confidence to others.”

Micah Harner, son of Lonnie and Barbara Harner, will be attending eitherIndianaUniversityorPurdueUniversityin the fall where he will concentrate on pre-med. He chose PHS science teacher David Cox to honor. Harner said, “Mr. Cox extends beyond state standards. He teaches us morals and how one should live a life.” “He treats all the students with respect. I’m forever grateful for his positive attitude.”

Eliza Kelly, daughter of Todd and Jennifer Kelly, honored PHS Spanish teacher Delia Gadziola. She plans to attend eitherCedarvilleUniversityorHoughtonCollege, but is still undecided on a major. Kelly began her remarks using the Spanish speaking skills she has learned from Gadziola. She said, “Mrs. Gadziola is always eager to go out of her way to answer any questions.” Kelly added, “She is a wonderful example of what I hope to become some day.”

Hope Miller chose PHS teacher math Dwight Beguin to honor as her most influential teacher. She plans to pursue nursing atIndianaWesleyanUniversity. She is the daughter of Chris and Patricia Miller. Miller described Beguin as a genuine and committed person. Referring to how Beguin conducts himself in and out of school, she said, “Education extends beyond the classroom walls. He has the authenticity of character.”

Kelsey Shaffer, daughter of Carl and Robin Shaffer, is heading toIndianUniversityin the fall to concentrate on international studies. She chose PHS theatre teacher Jane Faulstitch as her most influential teacher. Shaffer was in many of the plays directed by Faulstich and also a member of the PHS Speech and Debate Team that Faulstich coaches. Shaffer said, “I’ve enjoyed every minute of high school-on the stage, off the stage, and on the speech bus.”

Lane Singleton, son of Lance and Lana Singleton, plans to attend Missouri University of Science and Technology where he will study aerospace and petroleum engineering. He honored PHS math teacher and tennis coach Michael Delp. Singleton spoke of playing tennis under the direction of Delp. He said, “We fought our hearts out for him because we knew he would do the same for us.” He went on to say that Delp is genuine, faithful, committed and true.