04/16/12Parents of third grade students in public schools in Marshall County will soon know the results of the IREAD-3 test that students took in March. New Indiana Department of Education initiatives require that any student not passing the IREAD-3 test that measures the mastery of third grade reading skills; will be retained in the third grade. Exceptions are made for students identified as eligible for special education services, those who have not reached appropriate levels of English language skills, or students who have been retained two times previously. Schools do have the option of passing a student on to fourth grade; however, the state will still consider them as third graders and require that they take the IREAD-3 test again. The testing, according to the Indiana DOE website, is in response to Public Law 109 (2010) which “requires the evaluation of reading skills for students who are in grade three beginning in the spring of 2012 to ensure that all students can read proficiently before moving on to grade four.”

The test covers vocabulary along with non-fiction and fiction reading selections and questions.

Students will have a second chance to take the test online beginning in mid-June. Area schools already have remediation plans in place during summer school programs to help students obtain the needed skills.

Overall Plymouth‘s four elementary schools ranked at 93 percentage passing the test. Plymouth Superintendent Daniel Tyree said, “I’m elated at the percentage of students who passed the IREAD-3 test.” He added, “This is a testament to the hard working, skilled teachers we have at all four elementary schools.” Of the 16 students not passing, 11 fall within the exempt guidelines.

Triton Elementary School had 97 percent of their third graders passing. According to Christine Cook, who heads up the curriculum/data analysis for the corporation, those not passing will can be enrolled in the summer school classes starting on June 4. She said they will have a retake session in late June. The percentage does include one child who was absent during the window for taking the test and who will use the retake test dates to take the test.

Culver Elementary had 10 students fail the test with five of the ten falling within the exemption levels. Principal Chuck Kitchell said their overall passing percentage was at 85 percent. Summer Schools sessions will include remediation for those who need to retake the IREAD-3 test.

LaVille Elementary Assistant Principal Randy Romer said they will be holding summer school on the weeks of June 11 and June 18 from 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 P.M. He said those students not passing the IREAD-3 will be asked to attend summer school. Their overall passing rate was at 87 percent.

Parents and guardians can expect a printout of their child’s scores from the school they attend.

Carol Anders Correspondent