04/16/12 Republican candidate for District 17 State Representative, Tim Harman released the following statement Sunday pertaining to a recent phone survey.  Although he does not know the party responsible for the calls he wants to make clear his position.  His statement follows:

“Over the weekend, deceptive phone calls, called “push” polls, flooded Marshall and Fulton Counties.

These deceptive calls, disguised as a poll, are designed to “push” support from one candidate to another. In it, they had the audacity to imply that I am not pro-life, or pro-life enough.

My position has always been clear: I AM 100% PRO-LIFE!

I clearly state this in EVERY radio ad, print piece and on my website.

In addition, my wife Jennifer and I have been members of Marshall County and Indiana Right to Life

for several years. Jennifer was actually the President of Marshall County Right to Life, for five years!

We’ve given our time, money, and prayers fighting for the unborn. Therefore, I find these deceptive phone calls to be despicable!

And their timing couldn’t be more blatant. Whoever is responsible for these calls, purposely ordered them to be made on Friday night and Saturday, so my response could not air until Monday.

Obviously, there is polling data that suggests we are leading this race or it’s very tight. You don’t go negative unless you are worried.

Many people have contacted me personally and told me about the “poll”. These people are reputable and I know for sure that they are telling the truth…BECAUSE MY WIFE GOT ONE!”