04/16/12 Indiana Right to Life PAC chairman Mike Fichter released a statement of endorsement for Francis Ellert on Friday.  The statement said:

“Indiana Right to Life PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Francis Ellert  to represent the people of House District 17.  We believe that Francis Ellert will play a key role in helping to pass pro-life legislation in Indiana.

There are many pressing life issues that the next Indiana General Assembly will address, and we need legislators who will not waver in their support for the right to life.  Francis Ellert is a man we can count on to stand firm and to support legislation that will keep Indiana one of the top pro-life states in the nation.

We are proud to endorse Francis Ellert and will encourage every pro-life voter in district 17 to give him their full support.”

Paid for by Indiana Right to Life PAC. Authorized by Friends of Ellert.