04/10/12 The Argos Town Council was told of a preliminary list of streets needing work during the summer.  Doug Middleton told the Council that a section of West Street will need to be grinded down and re-paved. Indiana, Clinton, Broadway and Railroad Streets were suggested to chip and sealed. Doug said there were two processes the Street Department was looking into. There is the Type 2 process which is one layer of sealer and one layer of chips. This has a cost of 40 cents a square foot. Type 3 is the second process. This is an alternating system of two layers of sealer and chips. This has a cost of 60 cents a square foot. Doug asked the Council members to bring to the next meeting their suggestions for other streets needing work.

At a previous meeting the Council was told of an overall annual savings of around $3,000 to Argos if Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) provided by DC Tech was chosen to replace Centurylink for phone service. Three phones would remain with Centurylink, for about $1,600 annual, due to an utility alarm system. The Council decided to review the option more and to wait until the next meeting when President George Null had an opportunity to discuss the change. At the April 4th meeting the Council voted to switch to the VolP system provided by DC Tech. “If it is going to save money why not try it.” said Null.

The next Spring large item clean-up will be Wednesday, April 18th. Appliances such as refrigerators and freezers must be tagged showing that the freon has been removed. No construction materials or electronic items will be picked up. Electronics (televisions, computers etc.) can be taken to the Marshall County Recycling Center in Plymouth.