04/06/12 This week members of the Plymouth Plan Commission heard a presentation by Mayor Mark Senter, City Attorney Sean Surrisi and architect Brent Martin on updating the Comprehensive Plan.

Mayor Senter explained that the current plan was approved in 2003.  He said, “I think it’s time we take the next step and review and update the plan.”  He noted the City’s letter applying for a Stellar Community Grant was not a selected finalist.  One of the conditions of the grant is having Comprehensive Plan that is not more that 5 year old and preferably 3 years.

The City Attorney discussed the process which includes getting community involvement, a public hearing, a favorable recommendation from the Plan Commission to the City Council with the ultimate approval by the City Council.

Brent Martin discussed some of the changes in the last 9 years that show a need to update the Comprehensive Plan.  First is the City’s involvement with the Marshall County Economic Development Commission.  Martin said, “This is very different from 2003 and part of the old plan falls under this basis.”

Another changes noted included the park recently approving a new 5-year plan.  Martin said their 5-year plan should coincide with the city’s comprehensive plan.   He commented that the Mayor’s “Operation Bright Spot Program” and the recent abandonment of the Park Jefferson apartment complex will require changes to the plan.    Martin told members construction on the South Gateway Project will begin in the next few weeks changing the entrance into the city, an application is pending for the second phase of the Greenway Trail and the master plan for River Park Square is completed.

B.A. Martin recommended a limited update of the Comprehensive Plan and suggested they contact Ratio Architects, the company that wrote the 2003 plan and see what their recommendation would be and get a cost estimate.