04/04/12 Marshall County Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery was recognized for his efforts last month serving with the District 2 Incident Management Team to assist those in southern Indiana who experienced the devastating tornado on March 2nd.  The F-4 tornado traveled along the ground for 70 miles through the cities of Henryville, Mount Mariah, Marysville, Daisy Hill, Borden and New Pekin.

The Marshall County Commissioners received a “Letter of Commendation” from Michial Compton, District 2 IMT Incident Commander this week.   The letter states:   Clyde acted as the Logistic section chief during his deployment.  This is one of the most difficult jobs of the Incident Command Team according to Compton.  He said, “Clyde was put to task with getting all of the supplies and resources ordered and deployed to where they were needed.”  With over 350 first responders and 3 to 5 thousand volunteers on the ground daily, not to mention the 50 to 70 pieces of large equipment that was ordered daily, it was an incredible task.  Avery was responsible is securing everything from food, gasoline, boots, shovels, trash bags, masks, gloves, helicopters, maps, front end loaders and lightning pickers.  Compton’s letter continued, “I could go on and on with the duties he was assigned to manage getting into place.  Clyde was the epitome of a professional throughout the entire week.  I can honestly say he was, quite simply, amazing in his roll.”

The Incident Commander closed his Letter of Commendation by stating, “I am honored to call him (Avery) my friend and colleague and would gladly stand next to him in any crisis situation or future deployment.”