04/03/12 Monday evening members of the Plymouth Park Board discussed a proposal to extend park and recreation services to the unincorporated area of Center and West Townships.

The idea of extending services to the unincorporated areas is not new to the park board.  Member Jim Causey said about 10 years ago the idea was discussed but it never went anywhere because they couldn’t get a quorum for the meeting.

A couple of weeks ago Mayor Mark Senter, Park Board President Dave Morrow, member Jim Causey and City Attorney Sean Surrisi met to discuss the idea and look into the possibilities.  A result of their collaboration is taking the idea to the next step of a petition drive.

In the near future petitions will be circulated to those in Center and West Township who support the idea of expanding services to the voters.  In West Township a total of 27 voters need to sign in favor of the idea and 40 voters in Center Township.  Once the signatures are collected they will be turned into Marshall County Clerk Julie Fox for certifications.

The Plymouth Park Board will conduct a public hearing if the certified number of petitioners is met.  The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety will then consider moving the expansion of services to the ballot.

If the certifications are reached and the Park Board and Board of Public Works and Safety approves prior to August 1st the option will end up on the November ballot for the voters to decide.

The various parks in the city are used by so many more people that those who live in the city.  Expanding services will allow those who use the park the opportunity to have a say-so on what services they would like to see.  Also planned is representation on the park board, with one additional member from Center Township and one from West Township.

When asked what kind of tax revenue would be generated from expanding the services, Mayor Senter said they hadn’t gotten that far yet, but would know the particulars prior to the public hearing if the petitions could get the required signatures.

Petition carriers and needed although petitions will also be available in the City Office and Park Department Office.