04/03/12 The hot spot in Marshall County this past Saturday evening was Grandma’s Kitchen in Argos.  Louise “Weezie” Metsger opened her family style restaurant by reservation only to the fans of local favorite Quentin Flagg and his fellow entertainer Steve Bobbitt ofPeoria,IL.

Flagg and Bobbitt who travel theUnited   Statesbelting out the popular tunes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Rod Stewart and many more were in town for the weekend.  The small, “Cheers-like” atmosphere of Grandma’s Kitchen gave the audience an up-close, Vegas-style experience to high energy performances from both Flagg and Bobbitt.

For the mere ticket price of $18.00 fans were able to choose from delicious home-cooked meals of Chicken and Noodles or Pot Roast while their favorite performers actually served them before the show.  The camaraderie and friendship between the two performers was ever apparent as donned their aprons and delivered plates of food and refilled drinks.   They jokingly passed a tip jar around the room and were pleasantly surprised at the tips they received.  They willingly shared those tips with the “professional” servers.

While the audience finished their desserts the Flagg and Bobbitt retired to the dressing room to prepare for their performances.  The restaurant aisle became the stage as Bobbitt presented his tribute to Rod Stewart.  Between songs such as “Hot Legs” and “Maggie Mae” Bobbitt teased the Argos Police officers who were walking past the restaurant.

   Flagg took to the stage in his flashy red pants and black shirt completing his look with his trade mark neon colored shoestrings.  He opened his set with some familiar tunes such as “Mack The Knife” and “Romeand Juliet”.  He then surprised his fans with several new songs he’s added to his repertoire including “Hey Jealous Lover”, “Jump In The Line”, “Funky Nasau” and “You Never Can Tell”.

Much to everyone’s delight during intermission Weesie brought out the fresh, home-baked pies.  The singers’ second musical sets were even better than the first.  They ended with a duet of “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before”.  As always they greeted each member of the audience and took time for photos and autographs.

Flagg is gearing up for his annual Birthday Party Tour.  The theme this year is FIESTA.  It begins in Cincinnati, Oh at Jim & Jack’s on Thursday, April 12th.  He then travels to Chicago on the 13th.  His birthday fiesta ends in Lapaz, Indiana on Saturday and Sunday April 14th and 15th with five great acts.  The show includes Quentin, Steve “Rod Stewart” Bobbitt, Ed Parzygnat paying tribute to Johnny Cash and Elvis, Q and Bill Downey as The Blues Brothers and Chris Solano as Buddy Holly and Elvis.   Tickets for the birthday shows may be purchased by calling Maggie at 574-952-2807.

Photo Caption:

  1. Entertainers Quentin Flagg and Steve Bobbitt pose with Louise “Weezie” Metsger proprietor of Grandma’s Kitchen inArgos.
  2. Entertainer Quentin Flagg in concert at Grandma’s Kitchen inArgos.