03/29/12 Plymouth Chapter of Tri Kappa helps the Easter Bunny out again!

Over 5,000 Easter eggs were made in a two day time frame a couple of weekends ago.   Yes, that count is correct, 5,000!  4 oz. milk chocolate eggs with your choice of peanut butter, butter cream or mint available for the interior filling of the egg. Yes, mouth watering chocolate eggs that get a lot of attention each year about this time.

95 members of the Tri Kappa Active Chapter, some from the Associate Chapter and an estimated 25 other individuals from the community helped with the effort. Many high school students help out with this major effort and add hours to their community involvement portfolio.

    The egg making process takes place at the Lincoln Junior High School Cafeteria. Being able to do this at the LJH location has simplified and cut the time by fifty percent! The process starts with molding the filling Friday night all three fillings: the most popular- peanut butter, then butter cream and then mint.  It all began Friday afternoon at 2:00, the fillings were being mixed. About 25 people work from 5:30 until around 9:15, all the molded fillings are placed in egg molds and frozen overnight. Saturday morning the cafeteria comes back to life at 6:00 with 4 vats of chocolate prepared to dip the fillings to make the chocolate easter egg. After drying the eggs are primped and trimmed and a sugar flower is placed on top of each egg. Yes, there is a meaning behind the color of flower s on each egg – they identify the interior filling of the egg – pink is for peanut butter, blue is for butter cream and green is for mint! The eggs are then carefully placed in plastic bags, sealed and ready to be sold to anyone with taste buds for Easter delights! There are approximately 100 people who work the Saturday shifts. Sunday morning traditionally is clean up, wrap up and pick up time. Tri Kappa members who have pre-sold eggs pick up their orders at this time.This year they were done on Saturday!

This is a major fundraiser for Tri Kappa and every Tri Kappa member is required to work a 4 hour shift sometime during the weekend. The Easter Egg Committee has 5 co-chairs and 14 members who work 8 hour shifts.The Queen of Eggs is Terri Dennie, she has lead the co-chairs and this event for 10 years now and she keeps improving the process and fun for all!

If you have not tasted these scrumptious and delightful Easter treats, they can be purchased for a limited time (they go fast) at Yoder’s Sporting Goods store (downtown) or Sherwood Tire (off Oak and 30) for $3.00 each.

Tri Kappa has been doing this so long we can’t tell you how long! It’s Just a spring tradition.

  Tri Kappa, a philanthropic group in the state of Indiana focuses on Arts, Charity and Education. Plymouth’s chapter has grown to over 95 women in the active chapter and 40 in the Associate Chapter. Our two main fundraisers are Easter Eggs and Ladies’ Night Out. Because of the generosity of this community with these fundraisers we are able to give back an average of $20,000 each year of which a large sum goes to scholarships in our local area. We also have Covered Wagon, History Walk, Promenade to Prom, Road Rally projects. ‘ We  can all do little kindnesses, but can we do great kindnesses together!’