03/28/12 The Plymouth Common Council Meeting was called to order at 6:50 pm Monday after a lengthy Board of Works meeting. The minutes from the 03/12/2012 meeting were approved. There was one ordinance up for 3rd reading. Ordinance 2012-2031 concerns redistricting the City for election purposes into four (4) councilman districts. Councilman Delp made a motion to pass this ordinance as read while Councilman Ecker seconded the motion. The vote was taken and the motion carried. Resolution 2012-488 was presented by City Attorney Sean Surissi. This Resolution concerns the ADA transition plan that has been worked on with the assistance of MACOG. There have been no public or written comments presented to the Council. The Mayor opened the floor for comment but there was none. Councilman Delp made a motion to accept Resolution 2012-488 and Councilman Culp seconded the motion. Prior to the vote, Councilman Delp publicly thanked MACOG for the wonderful tool to help with this project. The Mayor also thanked City Engineer Rick Gaul, Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt and Nelson Chipman for attending the MACOG meetings to help with this plan. The vote was taken and the motion passed. Attorney Surissi presented three ordinances for 1st reading. Ordinance 2012-2032 An Ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of Plymouth Concerning the “Sidewalk Improvement Program. This ordinance will move authority to the Street Superintendent and City Engineer to use the money to complete the ADA transition plan instead of Council members. Ordinance 2012-2033 An Ordinance to amend the Code of Ordinances of the City of Plymouth concerning “Sidewalk Construction”. This ordinance will specifically speak to the standards for sidewalk construction. Ordinance 2012-2034 An Ordinance approving and adopting the 2012 Supplement to the Code of Ordinances for the City of Plymouth, Indiana. This ordinance addresses the supplements for the previous year’s ordinances. Clerk-Treasurer Hutchings presented Resolution 2012-489 for additional appropriations. The appropriations were for the Drug Free Community program, the Deferral and Diversion program and the Greenway Trail. Councilman Culp made the motion to approve the additional appropriations and Councilman Delp seconded. The vote was taken and the motion carried. John Montgomery appeared before the Council to request permission to collect change at the intersection of Michigan and Jefferson Streets on March 31, 2012 to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. The rain date will be April 7, 2012. Councilman Grobe made a motion to approve this request and Councilman Culp seconded. The vote was taken and the motion carried. Laura Mann Correspondent