03/27/12 The Plymouth Board of Works met Monday night with a full agenda.  Mayor Senter informed the Board that Councilman Wayne Smith was out of state and wouldn’t be available for the meeting.  The first order of business was the awarding of a quote for new dump truck for the Street Department.  The specs were for a 2013 Freightliner and three different dealers submitted a bid.  Wiers International Trucks of Plymouth bid $135,683.37 while Whiteford Kenworth in South Bend bid $134,872.00 and Hill Truck Sales, Inc of South Bend came in with the low bid of $125,650.00.  Street Superintendent Marquardt recommended that the Board award the bid to Hill Truck Sales.  Councilman Ecker made a motion to award the bid to Hill Truck Sales and Councilman Grobe seconded the motion.  Motion passed and the quote was awarded.

Proposals were opened for the service line separation project.  This project was approved on September 12, 2011 to separate the water lines that are serving 3 different properties.  Superintendent Davidson told the Board that there are several properties that will need to be separated.  There were two proposals for the separation of the properties at 115 & 117 W. Jefferson and 111 W. Jefferson Street.  The first bid for $4970.00 came from Stone Excavating while the second bid was from Haskins Underground, Inc. for $5485.50.  Superintendent Davidson made the recommendation to the Board to award the contract to Stone Excavating.  After some discussion about the specifics of the proposal, Councilman Culp made a motion to accept the proposal from Stone Excavating and Councilman Grobe seconded the motion.  The Board voted and the motion passed.

The Board of Public Works and Safety opened bids for the repair work on the front of the Fire Station.  There were two bids for this work.  The first bid opened was from Michiana Contracting of Plymouth for $6020.00 while the second bid came in at $5414.72 from Paul Davis Restoration of Michiana located Bremen.  Due to the detail of the two proposal, City Attorney Surissi recommended that the Board take the proposals under advisement so they can be reviewed prior to awarding the bid.  Councilman Grobe made a motion to take the proposals under advisement and Councilman Ecker seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson presented the Board of Works with the Water Audit for 2011.  He pointed out to the Board that the amount of water lost was 13.56% in 2011.  This number is down from 22.31% in 2010.  This is the amount of water that is lost due to leaky mains and hydrants.  Superintendent Davidson said that this number should be less than 15% so he is happy with the improvements that have been made since 2010.

Shawn O’Keefe and Irish Saunders came before the Board to request and ambulance and fire truck be allowed to be at the Plymouth Motor Speedway during the 2012 racing season.  Mr. Saunders, representative for Ed Kennedy the owner of the Plymouth Speedway, went on to thank the City of Plymouth for their support of the Plymouth Speedway.  Councilman Culp made the motion to allow the Plymouth Volunteer Firefighters to take an ambulance and a fire truck to the Plymouth Speedway for the 2012 racing season.  Councilman Grobe seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Laura Mann Correspondent