03/26/12 A local group formed, in part, to pursue building a Dog Park within Centennial Park continues to hold fundraisers and accept donations for fencing. The proposed area would be built just east of the tennis courts and Freyman Shelter.

According to BOW WOW Friends, the park is designed to let dogs walk, play, and just socialize with other dogs and people too.

Estimates for the fencing needed for a 300 ft. by 100 ft. area is $18.000. According to Mike Hite, park superintendent, the group has already collected some $13,000 towards the project.

  The local Lowe’s Store has assisted in the efforts by providing drawings for the proposed Dog Park area. One portion (30 ft. by 90 ft.) of the overall Dog Park will be sectioned off for smaller dogs.

Members of the group will be selling homemade organic dog treats and homemade dog toys at the Farmer’s market on May 25.

Businesses or individuals donating $200 or more will receive special recognition on the digital sign near the park office and a special “bone” paver placed in front of the Dog Park.

Donations can be sent to the City of Plymouth, 1660 N. Michigan St., Plymouth.

Carol Anders Correspondent