03/26/12 The week of March 12-16,  Argos High Students  In Service (ASIS)   under the leadership of sponsor Darle Kenz sold green derbies and noses to benefit the Logan Center in South.

    Argos Students in Service is an organization which grew out of the old Future Homemakers of America.  There are about 40 male and female members this year and the goal of the organization is to give students experiences in volunteering for the common good of all.  They have many service projects throughout the year including raking leaves for the elderly, helping with Santa’s visit to Argos at Christmas time, baking cookies for the Argos Red Cross blood drives and raising money for other worthwhile organizations such as the Logan Center in South Bend Bend.

Argos elementary students proudly wore their purchases the entire week.


PICTURE 1)   Front Row: Chaz Downey, Peggy Johnson, Addisyn Vires, Chance Pinkowski, Trenton Ogle

Row 2: Loren Borkholder, Cory Hill, Chandler Barenie, Carleigh Miller, Kole Burkholder, Josiah Duff, Brad Bowen, Hannah Hurford, Lily McMillen, Emily Carr, Jacob Johnson, Chloe Hough

Row 3: Christopher Patrick-Finnegan, Emmah Good, Ella Gearhart, Braxton Roush, Aaliyah Shafer, Ethan Baugh, Christian Button, Jarol Rodriguez, Cory Keyser, Caleb Ellis, Alaura Stone, Skylla Knepp, Kendall Carnes, Cassidy Hylton, Jake Stults

Back Row: Zolyn Perman, Tyler Hill, Hunter Johnson, Tristen Golubski

PICTURE 2) ASIS member Zach Smith shows the elementary students how to dress for St. Patrick’s Day.