03/21/12 City Council members were informed of a potential dangerous situation near Riverside Intermediate School during their meeting last week.  A pedestrian was nearly hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Williams and Baker Streets.

   City Engineer Rick Gaul explained that a student was attempting to cross the street and was nearly involved in an accident.  Once notified Gaul and City Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt went to the area and checked traffic flow in the area.  Gaul said, “There’s lots of traffic in that area before and after school.”  The two also checked speed limit signs and found a variety, from 25 MPH to 30 MPH and even 35 MPH. s

  Randolph Street was 25 MPH, Berkley Street, on the south side of the High School was also 25 MPH and Columbus Drive from Jefferson to Baker was 30 MPH.  Baker Street actually had three different speeds posted on it.  From Randolph east to Columbus it was 30 MPH, from Columbus to Richter Road is 35 MPH but the school zone at Riverside is 25 MPH.

  Gaul said, “Traffic down Baker Street where the drive to the school loops around is like a splash and go in NASCAR.”  He continued, “Traffic is smooth but needs to slow down.”

It was noted by the student’s parent, Sarah Perschbacher that there are no crossing guards, no stop signs and no crosswalks.  She said, “I’m very concerned as a parent.”

Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox said, “We do school patrols.  We have three or four offices on patrol but if we stop and monitor it takes us away from the other schools.”  He then suggested making Baker Street 25 MPH from Randolph out to Richter.

   The Board of Public Works and Safety motioned to keep Randolph and Berkley Streets at  25 MPH and reduce Columbus Drive from 30 MPH to 25 MPH and make Baker Street from Randolph to Richter Road 25 MPH.  It was also suggested making a crosswalk across Baker for students who live in the housing development directly to the east of the school.

Councilman Mike Delp also commented again, “I would still like to see a curb there but slowing down traffic helps.”