03/13/12 In conjunction with One Book/One Town Marshall County, Encore Performing Arts is proud to bring a musical venue to support the collaborative effort with the Plymouth Public Library and  Marshall County Historical Society Museum.

David Kincaid, recognized as both musician and historian, will present a compelling combination of songs and history of the Irish in the American Civil War. He will appear onstage at Lincoln Junior High Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. Years of research, recording and performing experience have been translated into two critically acclaimed albums:

‘The Irish Volunteer’ and ‘The Irish-American’s Song,’ collections of authentic Irish songs of both the Union and the Confederacy. Having performed at a variety of Irish/Celtic festivals, historical sites and folk music venues across the US, as well as European tours, David’s music has also been used in several documentary films, and he was engaged as a consultant and performer in the 2003 Hollywood Civil War film release ‘Gods and Generals’. David Kincaid (lead vocals, octave

mandolin) performs in period clothing, presenting an engaging, all-ages appropriate program appealing to both history buff and the Irish/Celtic music fan alike.

For more information on Kincaid’s long involvement with music and history of the Civil War, visit his website at www.hauntedfieldmusic.com.

Encore is grateful to U.S. Granules Corporation for sponsoring the event.

Tickets are $10 for adults; children and K-12 students are free.

Tickets are available at the Encore Office at Life Enrichment Center, Marshall County Historical Museum, Pilot News, ASK for Flowers, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and WTCA. Tickets are also available at the door the night of the performance. For more information, contact Debi Gidley at Encore Performing Arts, 1305 W. Harrison Street, Plymouth at 935-4987.