03/13/12 The Marshall County Blueberry Festival announced the new Festival Coordinator Monday morning.  Jessica Stone started to work Monday.

Ms. Stone is a film and television producer from Big Hat Cowboy Productions; a Plymouth based Production Company.  She has produced several films that have been in festivals all over the country, and has worked with local companies on various commercial projects.  Stone has also been involved in putting together several charity events including a clothing drive for the South Bend Center for the Homeless that garnered four truckloads of clothing.

Jessica Stone said, “I’m excited and incredibly grateful to be chosen as the Festival Coordinator and consider it to be a dream job.”

Living in the Marshall County area for three years, she resides in Plymouth with her husband Casey and three children: Lily, Jackson and Megan.

Although she has only lived in the county for three years Jessica said, “I have been going to the Blueberry Festival a lot longer than that.”  She said she has lots of ideas from the film and producer’s stand point.  Stone is anxious to look at the market base and try to get more people in the festival.

When asked what her favorite thing is about the Blueberry Festival Stone said, “Food! I like funnel cakes and elephant ears, corn dogs and all kinds of carnival food.”

Ms. Stone and the Blueberry Festival would like to thank Connie Holzwart, the outgoing Festival Coordinator and Ann Bowser, the Interim Coordinator for all their hard work during the transition.