03/13/12 Members of the Plymouth Park Board saw a power-point presentation on the Hunter Tennis Complex during their meeting last week to show the need for improvements.  Dawn Edwards Everidge from Fishers and Sarah Guild Smith, 1984 graduates of Plymouth High School and former PHS Tennis Team members have stepped up to the plate to make significant improvements to the facility in Centennial Park.  Also on the committee is Betsy Gee Biederstedt.

 The goals of the analysis team include determining user requirements, evaluate the facility to determine an optimal design, work with the Park Board to coordinate a project, work with the USTA to optimize the development of a tennis facility, and obtain project funding through means other than taxes.

The current facility was constructed in 1973 with the courts being resurfaced in 1985, 1997, and 2011. It was noted that new lights were added in 1988.

  The committee and Park Superintendent Mike Hite have visited several tennis complexes including the Hunter Complex in Plymouth, The Wynne Tennis Center in Indianapolis, The LaPorte Tennis Facility at LaPorte High School and the Culver Academies Grable Tennis Complex in Culver.

   The current facility in Plymouth has 10 courts with one being singles only.  Issues have developed over the years and even with the recent resurfacing cracks and heaving on the courts are back along with fencing safety and obstructed views for younger players going to the restrooms across the parking lot.

  Photos of the various facilities visited gave park board members an idea of what others are doing.  The complex closely resembling Plymouth’s is in LaPorte.  The U-shaped is ideal for coaching and viewing.  The design has wind screens and a gated entrance, thus being able to charge admission and a potential revenue maker. It was noted that their courts do not have restroom facilities and no quick-start for young children.

At the April Park Board meeting Smith plans on presenting a time line for the project and discuss fundraising for the project and construction.  She anticipates presenting the USTA proposal for the solution to the Plymouth courts in May.