03/08/12 Mike Miley from Gibson Insurance discussed a proposal to create a Safety Committee for Marshall County Government during the Commissioner’s meeting Monday.

Miley said, “The mission of the committee is to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses through identification of causes and to promote safety by making employees award of their surroundings through training.”

The objectives laid out are to review and investigate each injury or illness and discuss the cause and determine what measures could be instituted to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring.  The committee will communicate investigation results to the commissioners and department heads of necessary suggested physical improvements to facilities and safety procedures that will reduce the likelihood of repeat occurrences.   Miley also hopes the committee will increase employee awareness of workplace injury and illness causes and the procedures that need to be implemented and followed in order to promote workplace safety through training, co-worker feedback and various other communication methods.

Suggested makeup for the County Safety Committee is one member from the Court House, a member from the County Building, one member plus a backup from the Highway Department and one plus a backup from the Sheriff’s Department.  Suggested membership also included someone from the Sheriff’s Department, someone from maintenance, County Commissioner Jack Roose, HR Director Debbie Palmer, a representative from Gibson Insurance.  Some of these members should be elected officials, department heads and employees.

Miley said, “To be effective the Safety Committee needs to be empowered to make changes.”  He also said, “For any safety committee to be effective it is imperative that management is committed to supporting their activities and purpose.”

The commissioners motioned to move forward with the creation of a Safety Committee.