03/07/12 Members of the Marshall County Alcohol Beverage Commission considered three renewals, a new permit and a renewal after a violation during their meeting Tuesday morning.

Without any discussion the local board approved the renewals of the Loyal Order of Moose in Plymouth, The Sprig-O-Mint Golf Club in Bremen, and the V.F.W. in Plymouth.

Park Side Mini Mart at 1717 North Michigan Street applied for a new beer only permit.  Kathy Kanchan Patel, owner of the store presented a floor plan for the store identifying the location where the alcohol will be displayed.  It was noted that the permit requested was a grocery store permit for warm beer only.  Members asked the principal nature of the business.  Patel said it was a gas station and convenience store.  They also asked if she was a legal resident of the state.  It was noted that the state no longer requires 5 years of residency.  Patel confirmed that she was a legal resident.  When asked why she had applied for a permit Patel said, “It’s my customers request.”

Patel was told that no more that 25% of the sales in her store can be from alcohol.  The remaining 75% must be from groceries, candy, snacks and gum.  The excise officer noted that the sale of gasoline, oil and car items is not included in the 75%.

The local Alcohol Board voted unanimously to send a favorable recommendation to the Indianapolis Commission for final approval.  The initial application is for one year.

John McGowen from Bremen Party Pack appeared before the Marshall County ABC board seeking a renewal of his permit following a violation in March of 2011.  On March 8th of last year the Bremen Party Pack was cited for no employee permit, selling unpermitted commodity and a tobacco permit violation.

McGowen explained that a newly hired employee had deceived him showing someone else’s money-order to acquire the necessary bartender’s license.  The commodity he was selling in the liquor store was flashlights and his tobacco permit issue was that he failed to post a ten cent warning sign the basically says smoking by pregnant women can cause harm to the baby and those 18 and under cannot enter the store.

The store owner said the employee had been terminated immediately, the stopped selling the flashlights, and he properly posted the required signage.  The local ABC board unanimously approved the renewal for one year.